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St John's Wood History Group:


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Eyre Estate: 020 7722 2207


St John's Wood: An Abode of Love And The Arts

by Stella Margetson


Cottages and Villas by Mireille Galinou

The objectives of the Society are:


  • to encourage high standards of architecture and town planning in St John's Wood

  • to stimulate public interest in and care for the beauty, history and character of St John's Wood

  • to encourage the preservation, development and improvement of features of general public amenity or historic interest

  • to oppose poor development in any part of St John's Wood which, in the informed view of the Society, would detract from the beauty, history and character of the area.


The principal means of influencing development in the area is through the planning process. Designated by Westminster City Council as a statutory consultee, all local planning applications affecting buildings and trees are scrutinised by the Society’s Planning Committee whose views are respected and heeded.



The Society is also actively involved in issues affecting traffic and parking which have a significant impact on our lives.




Nearly all of our officers are voluntary and our meetings are held in free venues. All gifts and bequests are most gratefully received and every penny goes to furthering the causes of the Society for our community.