Heathrow Flight Paths


February 2019 Update:

The reconfiguration of flight paths at Heathrow Airport is currently under consultation. In the first instance this will lead to changes so as to use the existing runways more efficiently. When the third runway is built they will do another major redesign of flight paths to accommodate this. The Central London consultation drop-in event in January was interesting. Heathrow is presenting data in terms of worst case scenarios. There is the potential for materially more flights in our area and, significantly, at lower altitudes than now. Apparently the airspace is organised into envelopes. Places where the flight paths fall within these envelopes will have the most direct impact to us on the ground.


Anyone concerned should definitely visit and respond to the consultation website at heathrowconsultation.com  


A further information resource created by campaigners against airport noise and expansion (hence possibly not a balanced view) can be found at airportwatch.org.uk or on Twitter at AiportWatch: @airportwatch.