Our Committee

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We are always looking for enthusiastic locals who are interested in St John's Wood to join our committee or to generally get involved. This is such a great way of engaging with your local community and meeting the interesting people who live and work here. It can take up as much or as little time as you are able to give.


Please contact us and someone will call you to let you know what is involved.

We would like to recognise our Chairmen who have contributed so much to the Society:

1963 – 67 : Stephen Potter

From 1967 : John Hawkes & Barbara Comerford (joint)

Until 1989 : Sir David West-Russell

1989 - 92 : Major General Sir Digby Raeburn

1992 – 01 : Michael Salmon

2002 – 05 : Gerald Godfrey  CBE, QC

2006 – 09 : Andrew Mainz

2010 – 15 : Peter Leaver QC

2015 to date : Dick Schumacher



Hon. Chairman


Hon. Vice Chairman


Hon. Treasurer


Hon. Secretary/ Events


Hon. Membership Secretary


Planning Committee





Traffic Matters


Air Quality


Events/ Communications


Newletter Editor

Newsletter Copy Editor


Police Liaison

Retail and Business Link





Jane Leaver


Dick Schumacher


Virginia Newman


Robert Law


Alexia Konomis


Supriya Dadlani


Christine Cowdray (Planning Chair)

Diana Eyre

Virginia Newman  

John Villiers

Morris Zelkha


Daniel Poser


James Hewitt


Susan Ngan


Tom Thomson

Emily Lane


Linda Taggart

Kevin Kilkenny

Sanji De Alwis 


Malcolm Brown


Note: Bold names are members of Executive Committee