Barracks Site Update

Overview of the development

The St John’s Wood Square project comprises 104 private and 59 affordable homes within a family oriented environment. The development plan provides an appropriate setting for the historic Riding School alongside a new garden square. There will be 189, wholly on-site, car parking spaces controlled through a new private community parking zone.

Project Status

The development team is progressing the detailed design of all buildings together with the basement. In particular, significant further work has gone into façade and landscape detailing. All asbestos and hazardous waste has been removed from the site, and the internal strip out of the buildings in Queen’s Terrace has been completed to the un-occupied retail units. Monitoring of the London Underground, Jubilee Line, continues and monitoring to the surrounding buildings and pavements has begun via baseline readings and Schedule of Conditions.

The next stage of works will involve the careful removal of the (concrete) render from the exterior wall of the Riding School which will begin in the spring. Residents will also notice the installation of further hoarding, for Health & Safety reasons, around the perimeter of the site.

The developer currently anticipates that full demolition will commence later in 2016 and details of such work will be communicated via several forms of medium.

Construction Liaison Group

A construction liaison group has been formed to act as a channel for the communication and dissemination of information to neighbours of the site. The Construction Liaison Group will be informed on all matters relating to demolition and construction of the site. Group members will also be kept up to date with general project progress. Current membership includes representatives of: local residents, local stakeholder & amenity groups, the developer and the consultant team. In due course a contractor will also join the group.

For more information on St John's Wood Square proposals, please click HERE.