Westminster Amenity Societies Forum

WASF (Westminster Amenity Societies Forum) is a group of about twenty-three amenity societies representing the different areas of the City of Westminster and is recognised by Westminster City Council (WCC).


We meet at City Hall about 5 or 6 times a year where we have the opportunity of discussing topics of interest to Westminster residents and members of our various amenity societies.


We are regularly addressed by various cabinet members and senior council officers on a variety of topics, and we have the opportunity of meeting the chief executive of the city council at least once a year and raise issues directly with him.


The range of topics discussed include planning, highway issues, licensing, the Localism Bill and its effect on amenity societies and their members, air pollution, noise strategy, education, refuse, parking, etc.


The St John’s Wood Society is one of the recognised societies represented, and a member of our executive committee regularly attends the WASF meetings and represents our interests.